Times tables challenges

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.18.00Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we are very excited to launch the first of our times tables challenges – ‘Around the World in 50 Calculations.’ Over the next 4 weeks, the pupils are required to learn the list of times tables brought home with this letter, ready for a test during the week commencing 14th March. All pupils have been tested on these times tables today to provide them with a baseline score on which to improve ready for their final challenge.

From each class, we will be looking for an overall winner who scores the highest mark on the final test, and a most improved child based on the improvements made from their baseline test. In the event of a tie, the pupils will go head to head in a ‘times table off’ to determine who will win the reward. Please note, your child will be required to form all numbers clearly so that they are legible when checked by teachers, therefore they need to be reminded of this when practising at home.

So why is it important that we improve the children’s knowledge of times tables?

The new curriculum states that:

‘By the age of nine, children will be expected to know times tables up to 12×12.’

In the previous curriculum, this was 10×10 by the end of primary school.

The two winning pupils from each class will be invited to visit Cannon Hall Farm after the Easter break. This exciting event will be fully paid for by school.

At Hunningley we always try to make learning fun. We hope you join us in championing your child(ren) to be masters at times tables!

Have fun! J

Mrs Ann Thorpe – Mathematics Leader

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