This week we were happy to welcome Miss Roberts back to school and hope that she continues in good health. 

imageWe had a fantastic time investigating our coconuts and the children came up with some fantastic ideas. We were surprised to hear that chickens and baby monkeys grow inside them. It was quite a surprise to some when there was some funny tasting water inside! The children were quite brave in tasting the milk and coconut flesh once we managed to open it. Not many children liked it but that is not too surprising. It is quite a strange taste.

We have enjoyed using our hook-a-ducks this week to support our counting and matching activities and have made some lovely duck pictures. We are trying really hard to recognise our numbers.
The woods this week was quite a different experience as the ground was still frozen. It sparked off some interesting conversations and ideas, especially about our favourite worms and where they are when it is so cold.
Next week we are looking forward to dressing up as our favourite book characters.

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