Kung Hei Fat Choy…

…or Happy  Chinese New Year. We have had a lovely week with our celebrations and have really enjoyed it. We made lanterns to decorate the nursery and this allowed us a good opportunity to practice our scissor skills and had a very good try with chopsticks!
This week we began a new routine in nursery and it is working really well for both staff and children. Well done for being able to accept those changes. It’s hard to think we are halfway through the term already and it has been a short but very busy start to a new year.
The weather was a little disappointing this week as the strong winds caused us to miss our very much enjoyed trip to the woods. However we made the most of the time and enjoyed our Chinese banquet for our special Thursday snack. The children enjoyed tasting noodles (but we gave in and used spoons), spring rolls and prawn crackers, (sometimes I wander how such small children can eat so much) then we went outside and did our dragon dance before coming inside to explore our musical instruments to accompany our new Chinese songs.

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