‘Hunningley Maths Challenge.’

Dear Families

In today’s assembly we will be launching our ‘Hunningley Maths Challenge.’ The Maths Challenge will help your children learn the important facts they need to be able to recall. Spending time on learning number facts is way you can help your child with maths at home, and knowing the facts will help them to tackle more complex calculations and problem solving tasks more easily. Each child will be given a list of number facts that they need to know. Every week you will be receiving a letter with tips, suggested activities and websites to help you at home. In the last week of this half term your child will assessed to see how much they have learnt. They will be given 30 questions based on the number facts below and an award will be given based on the number of correct marks.

  • 20-24 marks = bronze award
  • 25-29 marks = silver award
  • 30 marks = gold award

If your child gets full marks they will be invited to a special Easter egg hunt at the end of term!

We greatly appreciate your support.  Thank you and good luck!

Happy number crunching! Mrs Dean

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