Fun in the Woods! 

As part of our literacy work on persuasive writing, we wrote to Mrs. Dean to persuade her that we should protect the Woodland area at the back of school. In our letters, we used lots of persuasive arguments to keep the woodland safe, including that the area helps to provide us with oxygen, creates valuable learning opportunities, gives an ideal reward time for good behaviour and work, and protects against noise pollution from the railway. When we achieved enough class Dojo points to earn our class treat this week, a couple of the children wrote letters at home, inviting Mrs. Dean to join us in the woodland area at treat time, so she could see the learning and enjoyment it created!
Mrs Dean came to see us all enjoying our learning and reward time in the woods today! We completed a variety of maths exercises, including: measuring length of sticks, estimating the  height of trees, measuring the weight of buckets of soil and completing timed tasks. With our literacy work on letters, our team building, communication and problem solving skills, and our physical activities in the woods, we think we might have provided enough evidence to demonstrate how valuable the woodland area is! And we had lots of fun too!

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