F1 News

Christmas is rushing towards us faster than ever. So much to do and so little time to do it! This week we performed our Nativity concert and it was lovely to see so many adults supporting their children. The children brought a smile to faces and no doubt a tear to many an eye as they performed their roles beautifully.

We had a very muddy visit to the woods this week and our worm dance brought record numbers to the surface. We enjoyed exploring in different conditions and it was fun to walk through the slippery mud in our wellies. After the woods we enjoyed hot dogs with tomato ketchup for our warming treat. The children are getting adventurous in their suggestions. Very little left on their plates this time.

Next week is party time and the children are getting excited.
On a sad note Mrs Hargate is leaving us after almost twenty years at Hunningley and will be sadly missed by adults and children alike. She is a very popular member of the team and will leave a big gap behind her but we wish her every happiness and success in the future.

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