Class 9 had a fun packed final week of the Spring term.

Class 9 had a fun packed final week of the Spring term. Activities included making Easter cards in RE and creating Easter baskets in Art, in the hope that Easter bunny would fill them with treats. The children worked very hard accurately measuring and carefully cutting, really using their maths skills, to make a fantastic final product. Happy Easter everyone.

Class 9 have loved creating their own compositions in art based on the Iron Man and his metal munching antics.

They started the process by observing his structure and shape, then looked at his detail, using pen to record what they saw. They added tone using shading pencils, and a splash of colour to complete the background.

Class 9 have concluded their studies around rock…

The new topic for this half-term is solids, liquids and gases. They really enjoyed finding out whether different rocks were permeable or impermeable and were intrigued when pumice, a volcanic rock, floated because of it’s high porosity. In literacy they have written a formal letter to Mr Clarke trying to persuade him to allow the Ironman to stay in his scrapyard, and in maths fractions have kept them working very, very hard.

This week in Class 9

Class 9 have continued enjoying maths and working on ways to find the answer to multiplication and division problems the maths mastery way and studied persuasive formal letters in literacy. Rocks have been the focus in Science; the children have worked in groups finding out their varying properties by adding them to water. Here are some more photos to enjoy from last week at the museum.


What a wonderful week!!

Class 9 have had a very busy start to the half term! Year 3 had their first swimming lesson on Monday where they had lots of fun and were excellent representatives for the school. On Tuesday, we went to Leeds City Museum and learnt a lot of facts about ancient Egyptians. We also got to explore the rest of the museum with lots of hand-on learning, along with experiencing some interesting smells from the past! We celebrated World Book Day in true style on Thursday with some amazing costumes on display and we had a full afternoon of activities linked to our favourite books and characters. The children all finished a very busy week on Friday by writing their own poems in the style of the poem ‘Please Mrs Butler’. I think they all deserve a well-earned rest this weekend ready to see what next week has in store!!

Our children have worked so hard this half-term in all areas.

They have learned to apply so many new skills in maths such as bar modelling and calculation statements, and are really trying to master fluency, reasoning and problem solving. In literacy they have tried so hard to conquer diary entries and news paper reports, their work inspired by the iron man’s story, while improving noun phrases and adverbial phrases. We are all looking forward to the rest of the Spring term after a well earned relaxing break. ☺

Lines and Shapes

Class 9 have worked very hard looking at the lines and shapes of ancient Egyptian images in preparation for their final pieces. Their beautiful outcomes are created using block paint, colouring pencils and metallic gold pencils.




The Class 9 music stars this week were awarded for composing their own music and doing a brilliant job; thank you Mrs Clarke for fantastic music lessons. In art they completed their ancient Egypt compositions using paint and colouring pencils, in literacy they composed diary entries for Hogarth and his first sightings of the Iron Man.