A super fun last week!

Class 9 did it again, winning the attendance trophy ☺. They did lots of art work, ate icecream and enjoyed the lovely end of school year spirit. Have a fantastic holiday children, you have been great 🌞


Class 9 have had a fab fun week doing many varied activities in class and have really enjoyed their transition lessons getting to know the children in their new classes for September. They have continued to create fantastic brilliant Britain models for homework like Stonehenge and Big Ben seen here.


While the Year 3s were away …..

The Year 4s had great fun while the Year 3s went off swimming on Monday afternoon looking at Fauvism and recreating the iconic London Bridge in an expressive, unrealistic way. Fauvism derives from the French language ‘Les Fauves’ meaning ‘the wild beasts’; the Fauves used strong colours and brushstrokes in a painterly, exciting, wild way.

Well done Class 9 for getting the KS2 trophy for last week’s attendance, keep up the good work!

Class 9 have worked very hard learning about time this week…

…converting from analogue to digital and vice versa. They have improved their use of verbs in literacy and experimented with torches, shadow and light in science. The children found the rubik cube fascinating, brought in by one child for show and tell.

Class 9 take every opportunity to read their books and really enjoy reading with their reading buddies.

In maths the children concluded the half term converting units of measurement, in literacy they wrote exciting introductions for their fantasy stories and in science they figured out the difference between transparent, translucent and opaque, by looking at the properties of different materials and objects. Half a great half-term break!

Class 9 have made a brilliant start with their ‘Brilliant Britain’ topic. They have constructed fantastic 3D models of famous landmarks for homework and drawn iconic landmarks and symbols in art.

Class 9 have made a fantastic start to the Summer term…

…as always working very, very hard. Fractions have been the focus in Maths, narrative, fantasy text in literacy and light in Science. They enjoyed observing landmarks in art as an introduction to the Brilliant Britain Part 2′ topic and sketching shapely, colourful unicorns to support their learning in literacy.