Shadow fun! 

As part of our science work on light, class 8 have been discovering and finding out why we have shadows. The children were able to discuss how shadows are formed, why they change shape and also how they change direction. From this we draw a simple diagram to show our findings.


Fantasy world!

This week class 8 have been using adjectives, similes, personification and the five senses to create and write about their own imaginative fantasy world. We used the land of Narnia from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to help inspire our ideas.

What a week!

Class 8 have had an action packed week at Hunningley. The year 3’s first of all went swimming on Monday and had a fantastic time. This was followed by an amazing time at Leeds museum where the whole class took part in an Ancient Egypt workshop which included seeing a mummy! Finally, class 8 have also used the book Please Mrs Butler to inspire them to create and act out a new verse of their chosen poem.

Egyptian pyramids

As part of their topic work on Ancient Egypt class 8 were asked to design and create an Egyptian pyramid using various materials. Using their understanding of square based pyramids the children have come up with some wonderful ideas which are all varied and colourful.

Array city!

Continuing on from our work on arrays and how they help us to solve multiplication and division problems class 8 have been creating their own array city. Completing various number sentences that used multiplication and division the children then had to draw the arrays on the empty buildings so that they looked like windows.

Egyptian gods

This week class 8 have researched and found out about the various Egyptian gods that the people of Ancient Egypt believed in. This allowed us to then produce an individual non-chronological report about the god Ra, who was the lord of all the gods.


Over the past couple of weeks class 8 have been rounding various two, three and four digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Using the rule of 5 and above give it a shove, 4 and below go down low, the pupils were able to decide if the numbers were going to round up or stay the same.

Happy Christmas!

Lower Key stage 2 are definitely in Christmas Spirits! We are all trimmed up and ready for our concerts! We’ve been singing, rehearsing and preparing, ready for our show on Friday (more photos to follow!). Let the celebrations begin!