Class 8 have had a lovely return to school…

…with a super new classroom!  We are quickly adapting to our new surroundings and our new year groups.  This term, we are looking forward to finding out about the ‘Revolutionary Romans’.  We are also loving our Literacy work about ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.’


This week, we have been working on throwing and catching skills in P.E.. We learnt how to make a great throw by aiming and stepping, and how to catch well by watching the ball carefully, holding our arms/hands out and trapping the ball against our bodies to stop it escaping. Some of us were able to catch with one hand, and throw a ball accurately over a longer distance. We had lots of fun practising our skills!

Welcome to Y3/4 Class 8

Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to welcome your child into Class 8!  Mrs O’Dowd and Mrs Beardsley will be working with us, and our theme this term will be Revolutionary Romans.  We will be finding out about the Romans and how they lived.

Your child is now in Year 3 or 4, and growing and developing quickly.  In Years 3 and 4, we encourage greater independence, and children are expected to become more responsible.  School starts at 8.45am, when whistle will be blown. The children will line up in the playground to go into school with their teacher.  Punctuality is important, because the day starts with an independent morning task as soon as the children arrive in the classroom.  School ends at 3.15pm.

Homework and Reading

The best way to ensure success is to build on the work done in school through regular homework and reading.  New homework packs will be sent out shortly; homework (spelling, writing and maths) will be given on Fridays and collected in on Wednesdays every week. Homework will enable children to consolidate, revise and practise what they have been learning at school.  Although we want to encourage independence, regular reading and discussion with an adult is vital.  Children should be reading a wide variety of texts, not just their school reading book, so magazines, newspapers and TV guides are all useful. Children should aim to read 5 times per week and have an adult sign their reading diaries to confirm that they have read.  If you would like to comment on how they are reading, that would be useful for us to see.


There will be at least two PE sessions every week, so it is important that children bring their PE kit to school every Monday so that they can make the most of these opportunities. The PE kit should be kept at school from Monday to Friday, taken home on Friday and brought back again the following Monday.  PE lessons keep children fit and healthy and improve their concentration as well as teaching them about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  Class 8 will have PE every Monday and Tuesday from the beginning of term.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support.  Together we can make sure that all children reach their potential and end the year with achievements that they are proud of.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at school.

Yours sincerely

Mrs A Thorpe

Y3/4 teacher

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader and Maths Leader

Welcome to Class 7

 Look at us at work! We all drew small self-portraits to be used in a whole school collaborative display. Now we are excited to see the finished result which will be displayed in the main hall soon!

A super fun last week!

Class 9 did it again, winning the attendance trophy ☺. They did lots of art work, ate icecream and enjoyed the lovely end of school year spirit. Have a fantastic holiday children, you have been great 🌞

We have had a great year in Class 10.

It has been a pleasure to see you all mature and be your best selves.  Good luck to all of you.  Love and best wishes from The Class 10 Team.



Class 9 have had a fab fun week doing many varied activities in class and have really enjoyed their transition lessons getting to know the children in their new classes for September. They have continued to create fantastic brilliant Britain models for homework like Stonehenge and Big Ben seen here.


Super Scientists!

In our science lessons this week, we have been investigating electricity and building circuits. We used equipment that you could find at home to make a bulb light up. Instead of using just wires, we tried out replacing the wires with kitchen foil, which worked nicely as it conducts electricity well! We took the bulbs out of old torches and used ordinary batteries.
We found out that using two batteries made the bulbs brighter, and using two bulbs with one battery only dimly lit the bulbs. We also learnt how to draw simple circuit diagrams. Great teamwork led to a fun afternoon of learning!