Cheeping Chicks 

It’s a chick frenzy in Key Stage 1. We have six adorable chicks (all with names given by the children). Everyday, the children have to change their water and top up their food. We also get them out to stretch their legs and give them stokes.

This week class 4 have had a lovely visit from the PTA and the Easter Bunny. 

The children were thrilled when the Easter bunny came into class and each child received a delicious creme egg as an early Easter treat.

Also, children who took part in the character alphabet hunt and raised money also received extra sweets, a certificate and a pack of books to read.

I would like to thank the PTA for putting lots of smiles on the children’s faces this week.

Thank you, Miss Tinkler.

Finally !!!

I’m extremely proud this week because Class 5 have finally won the attendance trophy! Well done everyone for making that extra effort. Let’s see if we can grab ourselves an extra playtime next week too!

Globe Theatre Challenge

Over this half term, children in Class 6 were set a homework challenge to build a Globe Theatre. This links in with our Tudor topic where we found out about Shakespeare. I know that making the round shape of the theatre caused parents and children to do some great problem solving together. Well done to all the families that spent time making a theatre. The children loved bringing them in and sharing who they made it with, what materials they used and what the most challenging part was!

Take Two! 

This week we have taken the time to look back at our Tudor roses and think of ways that we could improve them. This time we have made them out of clay so that they are stronger and made sure that all the clay is covered by the paint. We’re really excited for our parents and carers to see them on Tuesday!

Week in the Woods 

On Monday, Class 5 were invited in to the woods for the afternoon. We had a brilliant time and got up to lots of different outdoor activities. We really enjoyed it in the mud kitchen and used the digging pits to find worms. We also built dens and used natural materials to create artwork. Using tools, such as saws and knives, we made a musical instrument called a kazoo. Take a look at what we go up to.

Thank you to Mrs Graham for organising the afternoon!

What an amazing achievement! 

Class 4 had 99.1% attendance last week. Which means we had an extra playtime. The children enjoyed the playground to themselves on Friday afternoon and loved playing with the new equipment. Thank you to all grown ups for getting children to school on time, it is really appreciated and has fun rewards for the children too. Keep it up class 4 and maybe we can win again next week.

What an exciting week! 

This week Class 5 have been up to lots of new exciting things. In PE, we have started yoga and focused on different breathing techniques. We learnt 5 different positions: the tree, the rock, the mountain, the cobra and the leg twist. In our topic sessions, we applied what we have learnt in maths to create our own Tudor jewellery and mentally calculate the cost.