Last week, we went to Filey. We visited the RNLI Station to find out about the fantastic work the volunteers do there and to look at their impressive boats. We had time to play on the beach and eat lunch on the beach. It was a great day and the weather held out for us.

We Love Maths!

In Class 6, we have been applying what we know in Maths to games! The first photo shows a fraction game where the winner is the first to collect the whole of each item (lots of discussion around what fraction they have collected and what fraction they still need to complete the whole). The second game shows the children using the programmable BeeBot to successfully reach a selected 2D shape (lots of discussion using positional language as well as naming and describing the properties of the shapes).

Cheeping Chicks 

It’s a chick frenzy in Key Stage 1. We have six adorable chicks (all with names given by the children). Everyday, the children have to change their water and top up their food. We also get them out to stretch their legs and give them stokes.

Globe Theatre Challenge

Over this half term, children in Class 6 were set a homework challenge to build a Globe Theatre. This links in with our Tudor topic where we found out about Shakespeare. I know that making the round shape of the theatre caused parents and children to do some great problem solving together. Well done to all the families that spent time making a theatre. The children loved bringing them in and sharing who they made it with, what materials they used and what the most challenging part was!

Tudor Kings and Queens

In our History topic time, we have made peg dolls of Tudor kings and queens. The children looked closely at royal clothing and found the fabrics they needed to imitate it.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, Class 6 focused on the Julia Donaldson book Superworm. After reading the book and discussing the story, the children created some artwork using the illustrations as well as a piece of writing. The children’s work is being used on our corridor display so keep a look out to see it!

Attendance Trophy! 

This week we won the attendance trophy in KS1! Because of this, we earned an extra playtime. Well done Class 6, let’s keep it up!

Tudor Rose

Our current topic is Tudors and the children have been finding out about how this period in history started. They know that Henry VII was the first Tudor King and he created the Tudor Rose to join the House of York and the House of Lancaster. The children have made Tudor Roses using salt dough and then painted them using the colours from the two houses.