Class 3 have had a very exciting week!

‘Real History Alive’ production company came to visit us on our hook day. We went back in time to 1666 and explore the Great Fire of London with Daisy. The children were also visited by the Plague Doctor who was able to successfully cure Miss Sheldrake, after carrying out several remedies. Each child also tried their hands at baking and each made a bread roll from scratch.

Data Sorting

This week in Maths we have focused on categorising data by using Venn and Carroll diagrams. We have thought about the different criteria for organising data and also answered and asked questions from the data we have organised.


This week we have loved sharing our favourite books with each other, learning nursery rhymes and practicing tongue twisters! How fast can you say ‘she sells seashells on the sea shore’?


Last week, we went to Filey. We visited the RNLI Station to find out about the fantastic work the volunteers do there and to look at their impressive boats. We had time to play on the beach and eat lunch on the beach. It was a great day and the weather held out for us.


On Thursday Class 5 and 3 had a fantastic time in Filey. We played and had our dinner on the beach, visited the RNLI centre and bought some gifts from the gift shop.

Who’s been in our classroom? 

When we arrived on Monday, we discovered that an uninvited guest had been in to our classroom. We came to the conclusion that an evil jackal was searching for our friend Sunny and that we needed to put a stop to it. Therefore, we set off straight to work by writing a letter to the jackal persuading him to leave Sunny alone.

We Love Maths!

In Class 6, we have been applying what we know in Maths to games! The first photo shows a fraction game where the winner is the first to collect the whole of each item (lots of discussion around what fraction they have collected and what fraction they still need to complete the whole). The second game shows the children using the programmable BeeBot to successfully reach a selected 2D shape (lots of discussion using positional language as well as naming and describing the properties of the shapes).

We had a wonderful time at Tesco this week..

. The children enjoyed finding lots of coloured fruit and vegetables in the store. They also looked at how much sugar was in different foods by counting out sugar cubes. Then  the children tasted; carrots, cucumber, Rye bread, pitta bread, tzatziki and prunes.
Tesco staff thanked all the children for being well behaved. You should all be really proud.