On the Right Track?


This week Class 11 have been working together to sort the effects that the development of the railways during Victorian times had on life in Britain. They worked really hard in their shoulder partners to make some difficult decisions using fantastic speaking, listening and collaboration skills. They were amazed to find out just how much of an impact the introduction of the railways had on news and communications, leisure time, daily life and the economy.

Looking to 2017…

Class 11 have created amazing 2017 calendars using their William Morris art designs! They have worked tirelessly to develop their designs in order to create an aesthetically pleasing final product! These will be a superb addition to their family homes!

William Morris Wallpaper

This week Class 11 have been developing their artistic skills by learning how to use their original art designs to create a repeating pattern using tracing paper similar to the wallpaper designs created by the Victorian artist William Morris. The quality of their artwork is fantastic – it really has to be seen to believed!

Crucial Skills for Life!

Year 6 had a fantastic visit to Crucial Crew this week where they learned some vital life skills. They took part in a number of scenarios involving bus and road safety, internet safety, fire in the home and safety on the streets. They even gained an insight into the consequences of breaking the law by taking part in a mock court trial and having the chance to see how harsh a prison cell can be in the mock jail. It was great to see the pupils developing an awareness of how to keep themselves safe and asking some fantastic questions. Well done Year 6!

Queen Victoria: 1819-1901

This week Class 11 have been working really hard to get in role as Queen Victoria to recount her Coronation day back in June 1838. They looked at her very own journal extracts to gather details of the event and explored the thoughts and feelings that she would have had around this remarkable day. They have also done some impressive portraits and fact files of the monarch in their curriculum and art lesson.

Until We Met Dudley!

 This week Class 11 have been writing their own explanation texts. Our inspiration this week was an image from the book ‘Until I Met Dudley’. The purpose of the text was to explain how a toaster really works! Not as straight forward as you might think! Did you know our delicious morning toast is all thanks to a dragon and his trusty gnomes?! The children created some fantastic explanations sharing just how our toasters really work!

Nature Inspired Art

This week Class 11 took to the outdoors for their art lesson. They have started a project inspired by William Morris – a famous Victorian artist – who took a great deal of inspiration from nature. They went out into the woodland with the task of collecting 4 leaves of differing shapes, sizes and colours. The range of leaves collected was stunning! The class are now working on their observational drawing skills in preparation for incorporating these images into a William Morris style piece of artwork.

Beat my Number!

This week in maths, Class 11 have been working brilliantly with their shoulder partners to make numbers to 10,000,000 and compare them using the less than and greater than symbols. They used dominoes to generate their number then tossed a coin to decide whether the person with the smallest or largest number won the round. They made fantastic progress with their use of the symbols. Well done Class 11!