Bronze is Best!

The Eagles have been constructing an argument in Literacy this week. They had to convince Stone Age man that bronze was a better material than Flint. Here are the pupils at work preparing their case and then trying to persuade Stone Age to start using bronze to make their weapons and tools.

The High-Flying Eagles prepared their sunflower seeds with great care this week.

We are hoping that we can grow the tallest sunflower!


What can you see?

In Science, the pupils have been experimenting with mirrors to develop their understanding of seeing objects as a reflection. They then drew diagrams to show how light entered their eye enabling them to see the objects.

The next generation storytellers!

This week the pupils have been developing their narrative writing skills to include showing how a character is feeling in the narrative rather than telling the reader how a character feels. The pupils used drama to develop their ideas to show how the character would have felt. The written paragraphs included some very effective descriptions to show how the character would have felt.

Developing Dialogue!

In order to develop the characters in our narrative, the pupils used drama to create dialogue between the characters. We thought carefully about the actions of the characters as they were speaking and how they would have spoken. We then used the drama to add dialogue to our narrative writing.

Stone Age Hunting Tips!

This week the pupils have worked on writing instructions. The pupils relived their experience of Stone Age hunting to think about the steps required to hunt successfully during the Stone Age. Then the pupils used their writing skills to produce a set of precise instructions to be used by future hunters from their tribe. The pupils worked with lots of enthusiasm to complete the task.

Captain Caveman!

The pupils had two special visitors today. They were Daisy Jones and a caveman. It was a fantastic learning experience for the pupils. They found out so uch information about life in the Stone Age. They learned about the survival skills used by Stone Age people such as hunting, living together as a tribe and how villages were built for safety. They also studied a range of artefacts and discussed what they told us about life during the Stone Age.

Striving for Perfection!

The pupils were really focused when they were improving their writing. These dedicated sessions to improving their writing are allowing the pupils to significantly develop pieces of writing.