Beastly Diaries!

The pupils have really enjoyed using the opening clip of Fantastic Beasts this week to help them develop ideas to write a diary entry as Newt. They have worked hard to write reflective thoughts and show how the character feels.

Fairness in the Factories!

The pupils have been looking at the work Lord Shaftesbury did to improve the lives of working class children during the Victorian period. They then looked at examples of propaganda posters and designed their own posters to persuade people to support the views of Shaftesbury.

Character Analysis

In literacy, the pupils have been analysing text to identify and describe what characters are like. They used an extract from The Hobbit to analyse what the trolls are like. After reading the text, the pupils had to draw an image of the characters and then they had to describe what the trolls were like using evidence from the text to support their ideas.

In the Dead of the Night.

Class 12 have worked on creating atmosphere  in their narrative writing this week. They used a picture stimulus to write a story opening. Read the examples, do you think their choices of vocabulary, similes and personification hook the reader in?

The pupils carried out an investigation this week in Science.

They looked at how the mass of an object affects the force of gravity acting on it. This involved them deciding how to make the test fair, recording accurate results and making a conclusion.

The Evolution of Year 6!

Year 6 have made a fantastic start on our transition project this week. They started with an interesting hook looking at how animals have to evolve and adapt in order to survive changes in their environment. Year 6 used this to start thinking about how they will need to adapt in preparation for secondary school. They are looking forward to a very busy final week at Hunningley next week!

Fun in the Woods!

We had a fantastic time building dens this week. It was a great challenge to see who could build the best den.

Death of a Masterpiece!

The pupils have produced poetry to describe the life of the stones at Stonehenge. The inspiration for the work came from reading an extract from The Exeter Book which was written in the 8th century. They also created chalk images of Stonehenge to show the magic and mystery of the stones.