Beastly Diaries!

The pupils have really enjoyed using the opening clip of Fantastic Beasts this week to help them develop ideas to write a diary entry as Newt. They have worked hard to write reflective thoughts and show how the character feels.

Class 11 Stars Are Born!

This week Class 11 have been working extra hard to make a good impression for the start of their Year 5/6 journey! They have been challenging themselves and each other to be the first to be nominated as our first set of class stars! Here you can see our first group of sport, writing, maths, art and class star! Well done everyone – I wonder who will get them next week?

The Structure of a Flower

This week Class 11 have been exploring the parts of a plant by looking at and dissecting lilies. They had found out about the parts of a plant and their functions in reproducing as part of their life cycles topic. They then looked for these parts in real flowers to help with their understanding. They really enjoyed discovering the role that each part plays and will be looking into this further next week.

Long Live the MUGA!

This week Class 11 had the difficult task of persuading Mrs Dean to reconsider knocking down the MUGA in order to site an additional classroom. They approached the issue by learning how to write persuasive letters and researching the benefits that regular exercise can have on learning. Here you can see the pupils working tirelessly to improve and perfect their letters in order to get their point across effectively. On Monday the letters were submitted and on Thursday we received a reply. Mrs Dean has agreed to keep the MUGA! Well done Class 11 – a job well done!

When we went down to the woods today…

This week Class 11 had a fantastic time in the outdoor woodland area with Mrs Graham. They worked really well collaboratively in a range of activities including using tools to make wooden instruments, planting bulbs, using the rope swing and walls and using pulley systems in the mud kitchen. Everyone really enjoyed their time in the outdoors and gained a lot of experience of using real tools safely.

Fairness in the Factories!

The pupils have been looking at the work Lord Shaftesbury did to improve the lives of working class children during the Victorian period. They then looked at examples of propaganda posters and designed their own posters to persuade people to support the views of Shaftesbury.

Character Analysis

In literacy, the pupils have been analysing text to identify and describe what characters are like. They used an extract from The Hobbit to analyse what the trolls are like. After reading the text, the pupils had to draw an image of the characters and then they had to describe what the trolls were like using evidence from the text to support their ideas.

Eggscellent Science!


This week Class 11 have been learning about different life cycles in Science. They started by looking at where the life cycle of a bird begins – an egg. They cracked open eggs to look at the structure of the inside and to identify different features. They found out lots from this lesson as they were amazed that there was more to an egg than just a shell, egg white and a yolk! I wonder if anyone from Class 11 can show you the parts of an egg and explain what the role of each part plays?!