We have had a great year in Class 10.

It has been a pleasure to see you all mature and be your best selves.  Good luck to all of you.  Love and best wishes from The Class 10 Team.


Today, we have created some portraits of The Highwayman.

We started by drawing an oval shape, which we then halved.  We drew three further horizontal lines for eyes, nose and the mouth.  Here are three examples of finished portraits.
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This week, Class 10 have been learning about how to use coordinates to create pictures of minions.  It has been great fun!

Class 10 have been set a homework challenge of creating their own version of the solar system.

Here are the first ones that have been created…

This week, we had an extra PE session with a new sports coach called Ryan.  

We played some really good games and all got a turn at everything.  It was great fun and we really enjoyed working with him.


The Structure of a Flower

This week Class 11 have been exploring the parts of a plant by looking at and dissecting lilies. They had found out about the parts of a plant and their functions in reproducing as part of their life cycles topic. They then looked for these parts in real flowers to help with their understanding. They really enjoyed discovering the role that each part plays and will be looking into this further next week.

Shaping the Land

This term, Class 10 are learning about factors that shape the land.  We have started by looking at the water cycle and rivers in the UK.  Rivers start at a source and end at the mouth.  We have used atlases to identify some major rivers, including the Thames, Spey, Bann, Tyne and Severn.

Today, we have been learning about the life cycle of a chicken.

 We looked at the different parts of the egg and what they are for.  We now understand that only fertilised eggs become chicks.  Unfertilised eggs are nice to eat!  We also thought about metamorphosis.