Our Tudor Village! 

WOW! Class 3 have put 110% into our homework challenge this half term! Thank you to all parents/carers and most importantly the children for the time and effort you have spent on this project! All of the Tudor Houses are fantastic!

Class 3 have had a fantastic half term! The children have all started to manage themselves brilliantly around school and are all aiming high! I am really pleased with the progress the children are continuing to make and cannot wait to continue our hard work after the holidays!

Have a well deserved break Class 3! You’ve earned it!

Well Done!

It Just Keeps On Getting Better! 

Class 3 have won Hunningley’s Attendance Trophy for the second week in a row!! Last week, as we had 100% attendance we were rewarded with extra golden time! This week, with our attendance at 99.6% we have been rewarded with Extra Playtime!! The children have been determined to win the Attendance Trophy again this week and have all ensured that they are at school on time every day! Thank you to all parents/carers that are ensuring that this keeps happening!

Let’s see if we can make it three weeks in a row!

Also this week, Class 3 have completed lots of fun and engaging Math’s Activities! The children have been introduced to our Part, Part, Whole Model. The children have used a variety of Math’s resources to show the different ways of making our magic number 30! By using lots of resources the children have been able to complete a written activity using our Part, Part, Whole Model correctly!

Well Done Class 3! Keep up the good work!!

What a BRILLIANT Week! 

Class 3 have all had a fantastic week in school! Earlier this week, Class 3 spent the day learning all about the Tudors! We took part in Tudor Workshops and even learnt our very own Tudor Dance! All of the children we’re lucky enough to wear an outfit and all learnt about the law and punishment that occurred during Tudor Times! All of the children really enjoyed the day and it was great to see all of the class participating in the activities!

Not only that! Class 3 have won Hunningley’s Attendance Trophy again this week with 100% Attendance! I would just like to thank all parents/carers for making sure all of the children arrive to school on time ready to start the days learning! The children have been rewarded with extra Golden Time!

Well Done Class 3!

Talk for Writing! 

This week in Literacy, Class 3 have been introduced to the story of Lost and Found. Together, we have created a script of the story and began to develop our own actions to help the children memorise the correct sequence of events! The children will begin to write parts of the story later this week which they are really looking forward to!

Well done Class 3!


What a FANTASTIC Start! 

Class 3 have had a brilliant first week back in school after the Christmas Holidays! The children have all returned eager to learn and have all had a really fun week back! This week the children have been introduced to our new topic of ‘Time’ in Numeracy and they already have a better understanding of time after completing only three numeracy lessons!

Also this week, the children have been introduced to our new topic of ‘The Tudors’. Our topic will focus upon all of the Kings and Queens that ruled England during that era. All of the children in Class 3 have completed work on Henry VII. Some of the children have written a fact file, compared rich and poor clothing and some children have even built their own Tudor House!

I would also just like to say a big thank you to all parents/carers as we have had every single homework pack brought back into school this week!

Well done Class 3!



Class 3 have had a FANTASTIC Week filled with lots of Christmas Activities! All of the children have really enjoyed our Christmas Jumper Day and Party in class this afternoon! We played lots of party games and lots of prizes were won! We even found a special message that had been delivered from Santa saying that ALL of the children in Class 3 had been placed on the ‘Nice List’ this year and due to their hard work this term, they were each allowed one of their Christmas Presents early which had been hidden somewhere in our classroom!

Thank you to all parents/carers for your support throughout our first term back at school! It really does make a difference! I hope that all of Class 3 have a very Merry Christmas, have lots of fun and all stay safe throughout the holidays!

Well Done Class 3! Have a BRILLIANT Christmas Break!


Christmas Activities! 

Class 3 are really looking forward to all of the Christmas Activities that we have planned in school this week! The children have all enjoyed non-uniform day and I would like to thank all parents/carers for your support in brining a Tombola Prize into school!

Here is just a quick reminder of the activities that are planned throughout the week!

* 6th December – School Disco

* 7th December – Christmas Pantomime

* 8th December – Christmas Fayre – Class 3 will be selling homemade Christmas Decorations and running an Arts and Crafts stall!

* 9th December – Santa’s Grotto!

Please make sure that all children have purchased tickets for the school disco and Santa’s Grotto to avoid disappointment! Also, a really big thank you to those who have already brought costumes for our Christmas Concert into school. Again, all of the children in Year 1 will be Angels in our performance and could I please ask for all costumes to be brought into school by Friday 9th December. 



This week in Numeracy Class 3 have focused upon Shape! The children have all identified 2D and 3D shapes and have discussed their properties. The children have completed activities to improve their fluency and reasoning skills and will begin problem solving next week!

Well Done Class 3!