Class have had a fantastic and final day in Year 1! They have each won an award for something that they have done well throughout the year. I am incredibly proud of all of the children for their hard work and efforts this year! They have all made excellent progress and I am so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be their teacher again for another year. Thank you to all parents/carers for your continued support and I really hope this continues next year! Have a well deserved break Class 3! Have fun, stay safe and come back ready to start our journey together in Year 2!

You’ve made me the proudest teacher in the world!


Class 3 have had a brilliant week in school! The children have all worked on the skills needed to write a non-chronological report for Goldilocks about the Three Bears! Also, the handwriting in Class 3 is becoming so good that some children have already moved onto writing in Year 2 Literacy Books!

I am also really proud that Class 3 again have won Hunningleys Attendance Trophy for the third time this half term! The children were all rewarded with extra play time on the field!

Well Done Class 3!! Keep up the good work!!


Class 3 have had a very busy first week back at school! On Wednesday, the children all went to TESCO and completed work on Farm to Fork. The children were lucky enough to explore the store and even taste a variety of foods! I was so proud of how all the children managed themselves whilst we were out of school.

We have also had an extra special treat this week by welcoming our very own chicks into KS1! We have welcomed the chicks into our class and have agreed to name them all! We have welcomed Steve, Patch, Jet, Honey, Patrick and Coco as extra members of KS1 for next two weeks!!

Well done this week Class 3!


Class 3 have won Hunningley’s KS1 Attendance Competition! The children are so proud that we have had the highest attendance this half term and it has been great to see how enthusiastic and positive the children have been about coming to school and arriving on time! As a reward for winning the competition ALL of the children spent the morning baking Chocolate Easter Nests with Mr Parker, Mrs Dean, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Clarke and all of the children from Class 7. It was also great to see so many children from my class receive an award for achieving 100% attendance since returning to school after Christmas!

Class 3 have worked extremely hard this term and it is great to see the progress all of the children are making and how positive their attitudes have been towards their work!

Have a fantastic Easter Holidays Class 3 – You deserve it!

Have fun, stay safe and come back ready to continue our hard work after the holidays!


Class 3 have had a very busy week in school! Thank you to all parents/carers that came into our class on Tuesday to look at the children’s work and bought something from our Tudor Cafe! The children were all thrilled to see so many parents and we’re all happy with the money that was made! We are currently deciding what we would like to put our profits towards!

Well Done Class 3!

What an AMAZING Week! 

Class 3 have had a brilliant week in school in which they have completed lots of new and exciting activities! On Monday, we spent the day in the woods and had a brilliant time! The children experienced using and handling tools to create kazoos! The children also got to play on the rope swing and in the mud kitchen!

Also this week Class 3 have all created their own Tudor Peg Doll during topic. The children have created a famous Tudor King or Queen which they all enjoyed! We have also made paper lanterns which links with our Sharing a Book story of ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear?’

Finally, to top off an amazing week in school Class 3 have won Hunningley’s Attendance Trophy with 100% Attendance!!

Well Done Class 3! Keep up all of your hard work!


This week in Numeracy Class 3 have been introduced to measurement! The children have been introduced to the different units of length such as millimetres, centimetres and metres! We have selected objects around our classroom and in our outdoor area and have  decided the appropriate unit of length for these objects. The children now know how many millimetres there are in 1cm, how many centimetres there are in 1m and even how many millimetres there are in 1m!

Well Done Class 3! Keep up the good work!


Class 3 have had a brilliant first week back in school. All of the children looked fantastic dressed as their favourite book characters on Thursday for World Book Day! In class, we decided to focus on the story of Zog written by Julia Donaldson. The children completed lots of activities such as How to Survive at Dragon School, Building Madom Dragon a school for her pupils in our construction area and using our artistic skills to draw Zog!

Also, thank you to all parents/carers that attended parent/pupil teacher meetings this week! It was great to here lots of positive comments and hear about all of the things the children are doing at home to help develop their learning!

Well Done Class 3!