Outdoor Woodland learning…

We arrived at school on Friday to find a pirate had stolen our pirate treasure! So when we got to the woods we decided to make treasure maps to try to help us find the treasure. Our maps worked and we found the treasure!
We are also making butter knives out of wood. First we worked together and used bow saws to cut the wood from the tree and then to cut the branch into pieces that would be the right size for a butter knife. Next week we will learn about whittling the wood to create the knife shape. The children had great fun at learning new skills and some said “I’ve never done this before”.

We were so proud to receive the attendance trophy for another week.

Then went on to celebrate and enjoy ourselves in the woodland. We were very excited to discover that we have chicks nesting in a birdhouse! We were fascinated and this led to a deep discussion and many children asked questions and shared what they know or think about families, birth & babies. They also learned how we had to stay away from that area of the woodland so that we didn’t scare the mummy and daddy bird away. Then they went off to do their self directed learning in different parts of the woodland, including mud kitchen, using digging tools, rope and climbing activities and even building a bird watching den with ropes and tarpaulins.

This week in nursery …

…our story has been about monkeys so when we went to the woodland this week we were monkeying around. We pretended to be monkeys moving through the woodland and in the mud kitchen they made a monkey brew. That was until one of the children noticed that there was a bird in the bird house. We were then trying to be careful and quiet to see if we could see the birds. We then talked about the bird and why the adult bird was coming and going

This Week…

This week we have been finishing our work around the sleepy snake book we have been working on. This week we have been thinking about the snakes den, we have tried to make the sleepy snake somewhere to sleep using different materials. We have also been developing our skills of being patient, trying hard and working together. We had lots of variation but have had some good fun at the same time.

This Week in Nursery

We have had a lovely time this week in nursery with the maths challenge at the beginning of the week and so many children able to recognition she their numbers 5 as well as being count up to 5. Then we have made some Easter buns with eggs on and a trip from the Easter bunny with the  To children dressing up in special clothes in the role play this s week and using their imagination.

Call a doctor..!

The week the children have been thinking about jobs and supporting people. They have spent a lot of time healing each other in the role play which we turned into a hospital. All the children have been taking turns to be patient and lie in the bed and also doctors and nurses. They have also been using boxes as an ambulance to transport people to the hospital. We have had lots of fun.

What a busy but wonderful week!

We have really enjoyed learning the story “Quackling” and have been writing lots about the story. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and patterns. We have been thinking really deeply about patterns and have learned to create repeating line patterns, symmetrical patterns and growing patterns – all really important mathematical concepts that support lots of skills later on in children’s learning, such as seeing patterns in numbers for example 3 6 9 12… . After working so hard all week we finished with a fantastic time in the woodland.

Well what a week,…

…we have this week been focus groups on our story which is stuck in the mud. We have been exploring all things mud and to do with farms. The children have enjoyed playing in the soil although next week this may be turning more muddy next week. And we will be exploring the different textures. We have changed our role play to a farm shop and the children have really enjoyed going shopping for their food and imitating what they see you doing. We are continuing our muddy mucky theme next week and a quick reminder that we should weather permitting be back into the woods next week.