Call a doctor..!

The week the children have been thinking about jobs and supporting people. They have spent a lot of time healing each other in the role play which we turned into a hospital. All the children have been taking turns to be patient and lie in the bed and also doctors and nurses. They have also been using boxes as an ambulance to transport people to the hospital. We have had lots of fun.

Well what a week,…

…we have this week been focus groups on our story which is stuck in the mud. We have been exploring all things mud and to do with farms. The children have enjoyed playing in the soil although next week this may be turning more muddy next week. And we will be exploring the different textures. We have changed our role play to a farm shop and the children have really enjoyed going shopping for their food and imitating what they see you doing. We are continuing our muddy mucky theme next week and a quick reminder that we should weather permitting be back into the woods next week.


Well, we have had lots of fun with our outdoor learning this week.

We planed a day across at the woods on Thursday and were really looking forward to going over with our parents and grandparents who were invited to come with us to see what we were doing. The wind on Thursday was too strong and this was thought to be dangerous so we demonstrated to the parents just how adaptable we can be and set up our outdoor space and indoor space to replicate what we would do in the woods.Mrs Graham came to help us and supported the nursery children to use tools safely in the tool shed and we had lots of fun in the mud kitchen and plenty of mark marking. We are looking forward to organizing another event in the future and would like to thank all the parents and carers for their support It was a lovely day.

Oh what a flipping good first week back…..

This week among all of the other wonderful things we have been doing in nursery we have made and of course eaten pancakes. We had a choice of toppings that we could have on them. We helped to make the batter and saw the change from the mixture being dry to being runny. Then we watched as the pancakes were cooked and flipped in the pan to make sure that both sides were cooked.  We all enjoyed eating our pancakes and we talked about all the ingredients that go into making them. Yummy, then of course if that was not enough we made sandwiches for a picnic just like little bear in our story “whatever Next” the next day and we enjoyed eating those too. It has been a wonderful first week back thank you.

Well, love has been in the air in nursery this week …

…although rather than thinking about valentines we have been thinking friendship. We have been concentrating on having kind hand and using kind words. We have made cards for the people we love as well as heart shaped biscuits which we also decorated. We have all had the opportunity to make a friendship bracelet too. We have had lots of fun and have been learning important life lessons too. We are all ready for the break now though, so I would like to wish you all a happy half term and come back refreshed and raring to go.


This week in nursery has been mainly based around our story of the little red hen.

This week in nursery has been mainly based around our story of the little red hen. The children drew pictures of the characters from the story. They have also been able to make some bread thinking about where the flour came from and the work that goes into changing the bread through kneading and baking. They also thought about other birds over in the woodland as we were making nests from the sticks that we had found.  We have also been practicing doing things for ourselves such as getting on our own coats and dealing with our shoes. We would appreciate if this could continue to be practiced at home. We look forward to another busy week in nursery next week.

This week in Nursery we have carried on a theme…

The children have been so enthusiastic about Chinese new year that we have decided to carry this through to our role play this week. So we now have a Chinese takeaway in the nursery. This is going down rather well and all the children have wanted to play in it. Alongside this we are making wiggly patterns and spirals as well as the circles and lines for our mark making. This is helping to develop pen control and building up those finger muscles to prepare for the long task of writing ahead.

We have certainly been having some fun this week.

This week in nursery we have been investigating in maths.

This has involved lots of counting using many different things. We have found out that we can count a number of different things and this does not have to be just cubes, counters or compare bears. We have also been thinking about problem solving using our pet shop role play. We have been thinking about how we know how much food we need so we had to count the different animals to work out how many of each we had. We have had lots of fun with our maths this week.