In Nursery …

…our week started with going for a hedgehog hunt after some of the Early Years Team found a family of hedgehogs nestling in the leaves.  We looked all over for them but they must have moved house!  Some of the children decided to make some houses for the hedgehogs and set about their task.   The children were so focused on making these and we all had a lovely discussion about where hedgehogs might like to live.   Our finished houses are proudly on display in school.

Thank you to everyone who have returned their family values stones.  We were delighted with the lovely words which are of importance to you.  We will be echoing these values within nursery and will be talking about their meanings in the coming week.

Thank you to those families who drop off and collect on time, it really does allow us to make the most of our nursery session.

Everyone should have received their school application form.  Please let us know if you would like any support in completing them.

Have a lovely weekend

Nursery Blog 8th September 2017

We would like to extend a big warm welcome back to our returning nursery children and their families and our new children and families.  The children are settling well and we are enjoying getting to know them!

Our afternoon children have been getting to know each other during our group snack time.

Every child should have received a pebble in a small bag, please could we ask that you return these with a word written on that is important to your family.  We really want our practice to reflect your family values at home.

We have been really busy exploring the nursery room and seeing what we can play with.  Children are being supported to learn our nursery rules.

Please can we remind you all to bring some wellies which can be left at nursery.  Children will use these everyday to access the outside space and also on a Tuesday when we visit the woods.  They love being out whatever the weather!  Our woodland learning is starting on Tuesday 26th September so please remember to bring a coat.

Please feel free to ask us anything about your child.  Home learning and library is starting on Wednesday.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Wolsey and Miss Ward.

EYFS Sports Day (PM)

Well done to all the children & parents for your sporting effort, enthusiasm and skills today. You were all fantastic!

EYFS Sports Day (AM)

Well done to all the children & parents for your sporting effort, enthusiasm and skills today. You were all fantastic!

This week in nursery…

…we were blessed with good weather whilst across in the woodland. We experimented with digging tools and den building kits. The children had to make decisions about where they were going to work as well as who they were going to work with. They were reminded of safety and making sure that they followed the rules but there was some wonderful imaginative play in the dens that they were building themselves. They had great  fun.

This week in nursery …

…our story has been about monkeys so when we went to the woodland this week we were monkeying around. We pretended to be monkeys moving through the woodland and in the mud kitchen they made a monkey brew. That was until one of the children noticed that there was a bird in the bird house. We were then trying to be careful and quiet to see if we could see the birds. We then talked about the bird and why the adult bird was coming and going

This Week…

This week we have been finishing our work around the sleepy snake book we have been working on. This week we have been thinking about the snakes den, we have tried to make the sleepy snake somewhere to sleep using different materials. We have also been developing our skills of being patient, trying hard and working together. We had lots of variation but have had some good fun at the same time.

This Week in Nursery

We have had a lovely time this week in nursery with the maths challenge at the beginning of the week and so many children able to recognition she their numbers 5 as well as being count up to 5. Then we have made some Easter buns with eggs on and a trip from the Easter bunny with the  To children dressing up in special clothes in the role play this s week and using their imagination.