A big welcome to our Reception children & families.

All of the children have settled into school wonderfully and are working together really well. They are learning lots of things about school life and about being part of a class. At group times we have enjoyed talking about our home life and experiences and we are beginning to talk about what we have been learning or plan to do. We have also started learning about the letters ‘s,a,t,p’ and what sounds they make. Here’s a photo of us all enjoying a story together.
We are really enjoying getting to know everyone and are looking forward to next week.

Well here it is. The last newsletter from nursery…

image-2Well here it is. My last newsletter from nursery. The end of the year has arrived, all but two days left before the summer break. It has been a fantastic year, filled with massive changes as the children have entered nursery and developed into the individuals that they have become. Many of our children are ready to move into full time school and accept the challenges that this brings. Our nursery children also have changes ahead as they move into the main school building and take over the old Hunnibees area with their new teacher Mrs Evans. She has met the afternoon children and already feels like part of the team.
This week we have supported our grown up schoolies in their visits to big school. This was an experience that was much enjoyed on both sides. They were able to meet their new teachers and children from other settings so new friendships are to be made in the future.
This week in the woods we worked together when carrying our large sticks. They often now do this without needing reminders, keeping themselves and others safe.

image-3Also in the woods we investigated a deep hole in the wall. It was covered in silvery snail trails and both morning and afternoon children found it extremely interesting. They were finding lots of leaves, cherries and tiny conkers to feed the snails, not leaving them much space to get either in or out of the holes. Can snails clean out their homes? We will wait to discover the answer. The sun was shining and so there was a distinct lack of slugs, snails and worms this week. It didn’t stop the children from searching!  This week our little afternoon children managed to make an orderly line to walk across to the woods. This is a major breakthrough and something we celebrated with massive cheers.

Miss Roberts is a master story teller and Friday we had The Train Ride story sack. It kept both sessions absolutely spellbound and injected a new level of imaginary play with the train track.

We were also happy to welcome most of our parents into nursery to read through Learning journeys, a lovely record of your child’s progress through the whole of Foundation Stage. Thank you for coming in and taking the time to look at them.
Next week is our mini Olympics before we break up for the summer so all that is left to say is have a fantastic summer break and come back rested and ready to learn in September. Thank you for all your support this year from the nursery team, Mrs Lawther, Miss Roberts, Mrs Smith and Mrs Hawkridge.


The end of term is galloping towards us…

…so much to do but so little time left. Next week our schoolies are going to visit their new teachers are are getting all grown up ready for September. We are very proud of them and know they are going to have a fantastic time both next week and for the year to come. They have come such a long way during their time in nursery.
This week we have really enjoyed our fairy theme, even the boys have been very imaginative in their play. In the woods we were very excited to spot glittery patches where we decided the fairies had been visiting.

We enjoyed making little shelters from twigs and leaves to protect our fairy visitors from the weather. The introduction of the pet unicorn injected another level of play. The boys every bit as excited by it as the girls.

We have been having lots of parachute fun and are getting quite good at swapping places under the canopy, causing much excitement for the children and hilarious faces for the adults to appreciate. It can be a noisy but fun time as we cheer the children on.
This week it was very exciting when the workmen opened up the underside of the nursery to inspect the joints in preparation for the move. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to be able to look inside the hole created but a bit of a shock for the man inspecting it when he was almost joined by a mass of children.

We made the most of the weather this week by taking the balls onto the big playground where both morning and afternoon children loved having the space to run and play. It made a pleasing change from the  Hunnibees play area.

Who can believe it is July already?

image-1Last year we sweated our way round Wigfield farm on the hottest day of the year, this week we are sloshing around in puddles.
Our new topic for the last few weeks has moved on to fairies. We enjoyed a really old fashioned story about The Elves and the Shoemaker and the children have enjoyed dressing up in the
‘clippy, cloppy shoes’. The boys aren’t quite as good at walking in heels as the girls but they enjoyed having a good try!
This week we introduced our new maths equipment, Numicon, a visual way to experience numbers. The children have really enjoyed using it and making some very intricate patterns as well as sorting by size and colour. All have enjoyed it, the older and younger children alike.

image4We have had a fanatic time using the parachute. We fully explored making waves and tossing the ‘bean bag boats’ on the roughest of seas as well as using it to make gentle waves to keep the boats moving gently around on the sea. I will leave it you your imagination to guess which was most popular!! Needless to say it was a very noisy time! Inside we played at swapping places under the parachute, causing much hilarity as the children were ‘lost’ in the circle. More games next week.

Friday was a very constructive afternoon with most of the children working really well together making ramps and investigating rolling the cars down, predicting and testing how far they could go. The wooden bricks have once again risen in popularity.
Just a little reminder that school is closed all day Tuesday 5th July but back to normal on Wednesday.

Nursery News

What can we say about this week other than WOW, WOW, WOW. the children have worked really hard this week. On Monday we practiced our balancing skills in preparation for Sports Day, only to find out that due to the floods and predicted rainfall it was to be postponed. We were disappointed but had a really fun time with the balancing and jumping anyway. Thursday brought our Den a Building Day. We hadn’t done this before and even the adults were a little apprehensive about it but it turned out to be a massive success. We certainly have some budding explorers amongst us. The children were totally absorbed by it and were taking on responsibility for the building of the dens, organising other members of the team. It was fantastic  to watch and now has to be part of our wood’s time.

On Friday we had a visit from a selection of mini beasts. They were wonderful and the children were spellbound by them. We were able to handle a giant snail, a giant millipede, a fantastic stick insect with fairy wings and a tarantula. We looked at a scorpion which turned blue under the artificial moonlight. The children were braver than the adults and loved having the opportunity to handle the creatures. Well done to Mrs Smith who handled the tarantula. None of the other adults were that brave!

We have really enjoyed our Bottom of the Garden learning, particularly the mini beasts and have loved watching the life cycle of the butterfly. This week our red lily beetles have pupated so we hope to hatch them next week.
What a lovely week. What will next week bring??

This week has been really inspiring!

Just before half term we were so excited to see our butterflies emerge from their cocoons and Miss Roberts took them home to nurture for a little while before releasing them into the wild. On our return to school she explained how the butterflies went to sit on the lilies next to red lily beetles and she brought some into school to show them. They are a beautiful vibrant red beetle and imagine our excitement when they laid a
Row of matching red eggs. A real WOW moment!!!


On Thursday we were putting our wellies on for the woods when we found a lovely big spider. We bravely scooped him up and popped him in with the beetles. Mr Skinnylegs the spider was a real focus of fascination as we investigated what it would eat, how it would catch it and most interestingly, how he can re-grow any lost legs. When we finally went to the woods a butterfly just like the ones we hatched flew around the children in the circle as though saying hello. What a magical moment!!!
On Friday we celebrated the queen’s 90th birthday, decorating our biscuits in red, white and blue. The down side of this was explaining to the children that the queen would not be able to attend. They were a little disappointed but when we watched ‘trouping the colour’ and they were able to see all the people at Buckingham palace they agreed it would have been a little rude of her not to be there for them. What a fantastic end to an exciting week.

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What an exciting week we have had.

We had baby caterpillars which we watched grow into very big ones. It was thrilling to watch them pupate and then today they emerged as beautiful butterflies. The children have been really enthralled by their transformation and today have been so excited to watch them open their wings and flap. Isn’t life amazing!!!

Earlier in the week we transplanted our seedlings and are really hoping that we get some crops before the end of term. The children enjoyed helping to plant and water the seedlings and understood that they had developed from those tiny seeds.

On a more normal note the children have been busy practising their writing skills in shaving foam. Not everyone embraced the sensation, it was a step too far for some. We will be having the experience again after the holidays.
The year is galloping to a close. Only a short time before we wish our ‘schoolies’ the very best of luck for the next stage of their lives. It seems like only yesterday that they were starting nursery.
Have a lovely half term and  we will see everyone soon.
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We have had such a slithery week this week…

Our mini beast topic is so exciting. Our caterpillars have turned into pupa sand we are looking forward to them hatching shortly. After watching videos, reading stories and singing our songs I think everyone now understands their life cycle. In the woods on Thursday we were busy collecting slugs and snails and found some excellent specimens. There are some very big snails in our woodsWe also found ants and spiders but the children were persuaded they would be happier left in the woods!. The children were fascinated by their antenna and investigating how quickly they were able to retract them was a joy to see.

We have been investigating musical instruments and the sounds they make. This week we practised playing loud and soft, loud being a definite favourite, and tried hard to keep the beat.

We sang lots of rhymes and moved along to them. I think the Olympic rowing team might have competition when we ‘row our boats gently down the stream!’ We have done lots of counting through songs and our little bees are a firm favourite. Next week we are going to taste honey, we are looking forward to this.
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