Outdoor Woodland Learning

As always Class 1 & 2 enjoyed their Outdoor Woodland Learning Session last Friday. Our learning opportunities started by risk assessing – identifying possible changes and new dangers in the woodland environment due to the gale force winds we had the previous week, as one of our large trees had been partially blown down; then we chose our learning from lots of options such as mud kitchen; digging –  learning to use real equipment safely and investigating the soil for what we could find; gardening – weeding ready to plant bulbs next week; tree climbing & rope swing – working out how to take turns fairly;  den building – with a camp fire and learning about and role playing how we can make fire by rubbing two sticks together; and one child even initiated and completed independently created a mini “castle” by using an A Frame technique secured deep into the muddy soft ground as the basis for his construction! Wow!

Class 2 are creative!

Some children in Class 2 have been enjoying developing their creative skills at the easel. First they used pencil to outline their composition. Then they listened and followed the instructions really carefully when learning the process of how to use the media of powder paint to it’s best. The children either drew on their prior knowledge or investigated mixing colours to ensure they were creating colours to use thoughtfully in their artwork. They tried hard to use small paint brushes and quickly began thinking about the skills used when staying within the lines. Well done to our little Artists!


Merry Christmas Class 2

We have had a fantastic week! Our children performed brilliantly in the Christmas play. They were so brave standing infront of such a large audience singing, saying their lines loudly and remembering all the actions and dancing.  I know parents were feeling as proud of the children as I was. we also had lots of fun at our Christmas party including party food, musical and enjoyed a visit with Santa. Have a lovely Christmas with your families.
See you all in the new year.

Class 2 went to a pantomime.

We had a great time – ‘oh yes we did!’.
The children walked so sensibly from school up to The Academy. We had lots of laughs especially at the ugly sisters and their calamities. Many of us remembered the story of Cinderella from when it was our. ‘book of the week’ earlier on this term.

Mastering maths

We are working really hard at, along side having lots of fun, developing our maths mastery skills. This week we have been focusing on 1 less than an amount/number up to 5. We have been learning to do this with objects, then how to record what we have done. We are also practising how to explain what we have done using full number sentences such as “one less than four is three”, as this demonstrates a depth of mathematical understanding to others and ourselves.

Class 2 went to Tesco.

We had a fantastic time on our trip to Tesco this week. First we shaped dough which went off to be baked while we went finding and investigating different fruit and vegetables. Next we stopped at the fish counter where a lady told us all about the different seafoods. After catching a glimpse of our baked bread at the bakery we entered the warehouse and even got to feel just how cold it is in their gigantic walk in freezer! Then we tasted different fruits and cheeses and finally collected our bread to take home to share with our families. We hope you enjoyed it?

Look how much Class 2 have learned about patterns.

Patterns was our maths focus last week. Many of the children have really enjoyed learning about repeating patterns and have continued to investigate, explore, make links and extend their skills and knowledge around pattern this week in their own self directed learning time. Well done children. You are showing how you are super independent learners!

Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m The Gingerbread Man…

The children have enjoyed learning to retell the story of The Gingerbread Man last week. Ask them to tell you the story -you might be amazed by their developing storytelling skills.
We have also been making gingerbread men with five buttons as one of our independent maths tasks this week. Thanks to parents snack donations the children had the delicious treat of tasting real gingerbread too.
This week we have loved drawing and writing our own ‘Witches Kitchen’ stories and role playing in our own Witches Kitchen.
We access the Outdoor Woodland Classroom every Friday, please remember every child needs warm clothing, waterproof hooded coat and wellies in order to take part.