Class 1 & 2 – The Happy Hazels & The Cheeful Cherry Trees

All the children have settled in brilliantly. They have been their very best selves, learning about and following all the new expectations, rules and routines. All the grown ups in school have been impressed with how ready the children are for this next stage in their learning. We have been very busy getting to know the children and it’s great to see just what they already know and can do. Keep up this wonderful start boys and girls. We are so excited and looking forward to the year ahead.

EYFS Sports Day

Well done to all the children & parents for your sporting effort, enthusiasm and skills today. You were all fantastic!

Outdoor Woodland learning…

We arrived at school on Friday to find a pirate had stolen our pirate treasure! So when we got to the woods we decided to make treasure maps to try to help us find the treasure. Our maps worked and we found the treasure!
We are also making butter knives out of wood. First we worked together and used bow saws to cut the wood from the tree and then to cut the branch into pieces that would be the right size for a butter knife. Next week we will learn about whittling the wood to create the knife shape. The children had great fun at learning new skills and some said “I’ve never done this before”.

We were so proud to receive the attendance trophy for another week.

Then went on to celebrate and enjoy ourselves in the woodland. We were very excited to discover that we have chicks nesting in a birdhouse! We were fascinated and this led to a deep discussion and many children asked questions and shared what they know or think about families, birth & babies. They also learned how we had to stay away from that area of the woodland so that we didn’t scare the mummy and daddy bird away. Then they went off to do their self directed learning in different parts of the woodland, including mud kitchen, using digging tools, rope and climbing activities and even building a bird watching den with ropes and tarpaulins.

What a busy but wonderful week!

We have really enjoyed learning the story “Quackling” and have been writing lots about the story. In maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and patterns. We have been thinking really deeply about patterns and have learned to create repeating line patterns, symmetrical patterns and growing patterns – all really important mathematical concepts that support lots of skills later on in children’s learning, such as seeing patterns in numbers for example 3 6 9 12… . After working so hard all week we finished with a fantastic time in the woodland.

World book day

Class 1 & 2 looked fabulous in their book character costumes on Thursday. Thank you to all the parents, carers and children that helped with providing costumes, it made the day special.
Books we are enjoying reading together this half term are:
A Tiger came to tea.
Can’t you sleep Little Bear?
Where the Wild Things Are
Peace at Last
Six Dinner Sid
Cops and Robbers
Some of the stories can be enjoyed on YouTube. It would be great if parents could share these stories with their children at home too.

Foundation in the Forest!!!

Wow what a fun and very exciting week we’ve had! ¬†Fairies, dragons, wild babies & witches; mud kitchen, rope swing, tree climbing, den building, art, reading, writing, and maths – exploring measures. Both the children and the adults have really enjoyed our week in the Outdoor Woodland Learning Classroom. We have amazed ourselves as to our skills in teamwork, communication, problem solving and the ability to over come any challenges this week.
Thank you to all the parents that attended, helped out and worked with their children in the woodland , the children and staff really enjoyed sharing with you just how fantastic your children are.
A great big thank you to everyone that took part in making the week a huge success.

We love books

Some children in Class 2 are becoming really good readers and are beginning to read sentences and books all on their own. Well done and keep up the enthusiasm and good reading at school and at home