Add ’em up, add ’em up

Adding two groups of objects has been our focus in maths this week and many children have learned to show resilience in persevering until they fully achieved in getting their calculations right. It’s been great to see each & every children’s huge grins as they overcame a difficult challenge by never giving up – a huge well done for showing a great attitude in your learning children. I am feeling really proud of your grown up attitudes and achievements this week.

The Savannah and desert environments have been our focus this week. The children hooked into our learning challenges in many different ways. Some children made vehicles to travel to Africa, others created animals found in these areas using play dough while others represented their ideas using paint.

Next week we will be very busy as we start getting ready for winter and move onto our theme of Polar regions. We are already working hard practising our songs ready for our Christmas Concert – make sure you save the dates.

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