A letter to parents from Mrs Thorpe


Dear Parents and Carers

As you may know, Hunningley Primary School has been supported by Worsbrough Bank End Primary School since the retirement of Mr Bowley in August.  I, as Headteacher of Bank End, have been supporting Mrs Chojnowski to put the improvements in place that Hunningley requires to ensure that it will be a Good School.  In order to support the school further, the Governing Body has requested that I take the strategic decisions required to lead Hunningley in this next phase.

I would love to get to know you as families and for you to get to know me too.  I am passionate about teaching and learning and believe that a good education is a ‘right’ that all children have, moreover, that it is the key that they need to their own future success and happiness.

One thing I firmly believe in is that by working in partnership with parents and carers, children get the best.

  • The best possible care.
  • The best possible support.
  • The best possible education.
  • And the best possible opportunity to achieve to their potential.

Every parent wants the best for their child. Nobody sets out wanting their child to not achieve, but sometimes we forget how much encouragement and support our children need.  That is where our partnership will become very important.  To be able to learn children need to be happy, confident, understand themselves, understand their feelings and know how to get on with each other and make friends. By working together we can make sure that education and care go hand in hand, to give every child an equal opportunity to be their best selves.

When I took over Bank End in October 2010, the school was failing to meet the needs of its pupils.  We have worked very hard to make sure that every child is supported to learn at every juncture. In January Ofsted judged Bank End to be a Good School with Outstanding Behaviour and Safety.

Please have a look at all the work we do on our websites to see more about the vision for good education for all.



I would very much like an opportunity to meet with you all and would like to invite you for a cup of coffee/tea and a chat on Monday 19th November from 2.30pm in the school hall.  Please come to main entrance where you can sign in first.

I look forward to starting our relationship together!

Yours Sincerely

Mrs Nichola Thorpe-Executive Headteacher

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