What a busy week we’ve had.

After learning Goldilocks and the Three Bears by heart last week, we were then able to make up our own story. It was very funny and we all enjoyed contributing and making up Talk for Writing actions to go with it.

Now we have taught the letter sounds s a t p i n d n m the children are starting to recognise, read and spell simple words containing these sounds. Together we were able to write a sentence from our story on the board and the children we able to hear the initial sounds in words. The children were very excited to receive their reading books and I  sure you will enjoy listening to them read.

We have learnt to recognise numbers 1 to 10 over the past two weeks. Ask your child the rhyme for forming each of the numbers.

It was a lovely end to the week today when we went in the woods for our Outdoor Woodland Learning session. I think the children enjoyed making mud pies nearly as much as me!

Can’t wait for next week!


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